How did I cancel my Proactiv?

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I recently shared that I used Proactiv and the end results were that I cancelled my subscription. I have recently got request on how I cancelled my subscription. 


Like any product that is being sold, they want to offer you different alternatives to see if something else will work for you so that you can remain a customer. But, forget the phone call I went directly to the website. I log on to my account online and contacted Proactiv that way. I emailed them and stated I want to cancel my subscription because it did not work for me as I thought it would. I didn’t have any problems. Within 24 hours I receive an email stating that my account was cancelled. It was simple as 1,2,3! No sales pitches!


I don’t like the dependency of proactiv. You have to use it everyday (twice is recommended). If this acne treatment is $40 every 4 -6 weeks for the rest of your life. This is expensive! With all of the other options that are available now like Clean and Clear from Johnson & Johnson and etc; you can really save and take control your acne.




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  1. Hey I tried your method to cancel Proactiv and it actually works!! I’m happy now that I don’t have to pay for anymore Proactiv. Thank you so much!!

  2. It’s nice to find a quality article. I enjoy many of the blog posts on your site.

  3. Robina

    Exactly what e-mail did you use?

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