We fall down but we get up…..

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Pastor Donnie McClurklin once wrote a song called We fall down but we get up and the song goes on to say But a Saint is just a sinner who fell down and got up. This song was a blessing to some and very controversial to others. Why the controversy? I think people hate to accept the fact that men and women that are in ministry are not perfect. I believe it was a blessing to some because it allowed Pastor McCurklin to share his story and how God pulled him out. From homosexuality to having a child out of wedlock, Pastor McCurklin has certainly been through some things but what we must realize is that he is still a man. As like many other men in the ministry that have experience a fall such as Pastor Zachery Tims, Pastor Jamal Bryant, Bishop Thomas Weeks III, Bishop Clarence McClendon and the list goes on. For the simple fact that these men fell one way or another whether through abuse, adultery or fornication a fall is a fall. I will explore the lifestyle of men and women in the ministry in the upcoming weeks. Where are they now? What happen? Did the fall take them out or did they get back up?